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IPEmotion 2022 R1 supports ARINC 429 data bus standard

With the latest release, IPEmotion supports the ARINC 429 aerospace data bus standard.

All ARINC 429 labels are automatically decoded and the physical values are displayed. Accordingly, the data can be received and sent in raw format or already decoded. Decoding in engineering units also facilitates comparison with ground truth measurement data.
Another new feature is the post-processing "Power Calculation". Predefined power calculations are available in the data analysis, which can be added with just a few clicks. The configuration of the calculations, e.g. selection of input channels or automatic mains frequency detection, is done conveniently via the GUI.
Other new features include full software support for the new HV module "HVeta" and the ability to "wake up" the IPElog2 data logger via SMS or at a scheduled time without the need for an external trigger such as "WakeOnBus" or terminal 15 (ignition lock).

The innovations at a glance:

Support of the "ARINC 429" data bus standard

  • Individual decoding options in case of deviation from ARINC 429 description
  • ARINC 429 labels are decoded in connection with the device ID
  • Receive and transmit options

Post-processing "Power Calculation"

  • Easy selection of input channels for voltage and current
  • Mains frequency can be set to a fixed value or automatically determined by IPEmotion
  • Further features available in future versions (e.g. online calculations, 3-phase power calculations, ...)

IPEmotion RT support for the HV module "HV PMD"

  • Measurement of voltage and current
  • Easy configuration and use via IPEmotion RT
  • High sampling rate of up to 1 MHz
  • Measurement ranges of up to +/- 1000V and up to 1000A

WakeOnRTC / WakeOnSMS (only for IPElog2)

  • Data logger can be put into standby to save power
  • Start at fixed intervals (to check new configurations or to send a "heartbeat" mail)
  • Several setting options for "WakeOnRTC"

Extended CSV filter for the import dialog

  • Filtering of signals to be imported according to different characteristics
  • Reduction of manual steps in import dialog to only a few mouse clicks
  • Available filter properties: SignalName, MessageName, MessageId, EcuName, PduName, IpAddress, PortNumber, BaseCycle, CycleRepetition, DaqListName, DaqListNumber, Samplerate

An overview of the new functions can be found in the release news on the product page.

IPEmotion 2022 R1 is available for download here.

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