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IPEmotion 2021 R2 supports DLT and IPv6 protocol

he new release IPEmotion 2021 R2 focuses on the support of the DLT and IPv6 protocol. Among other things, this enhancement provides the user with new options for storing and processing Ethernet-based debug information. This is particularly useful for ECU development. With the increasing changeover of network protocols from IPv4 to IPv6, IPEmotion has been adapted accordingly so that initial support for the IPv6 protocol is now also available. This means that signals can also be measured on new vehicle platforms or test benches. With the new release, the functionality, operation and performance of IPEmotion have also been optimized by implementing new memory and display options, among other things - an advantage, especially with slow Internet connections.

The innovations at a glance:

DLT protocol support

  • Conversion of DLT traffic into signals
  • Standardized protocol for monitoring ECU communication
  • Use of logging and tracing tools to store debug information

Support of IPv6 protocol

  • Import and use of ARXML files
  • Support for signal and PDU measurements
  • Conversion of IPv6 trace data into signals

Support of PCAP as native storage format

  • Reduced system load for Ethernet traffic measurements
  • No measurement data conversion necessary (when creating PCAP data)
  • Alternative to MDF4 format

New option: "Save on change" for CAN, LIN and Flexray traffic channels

  • Saving of storage space due to smaller measurement files
  • Option to reduce file size
  • Faster transfer of measurement files, especially with slow internet connections

New option: Temporary display/hide of signals in view/analysis

  • New checkbox in the diagram legend to hide signals
  • Quick and easy customization of the diagram without changing the configuration
  • Support in yt-diagram and xy-diagram

An overview of the new functions can be found in the release news on the product page.
IPEmotion 2021 R2 is available for download here.

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