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IPEmotion 2021 R1 supports automotive Ethernet and ECU calibration

The major release IPEmotion 2021 R1 offers a variety of new features. Among the most important new features are support for Automotive Ethernet via the TECMP protocol and ECU calibration via the XCP protocol. In addition, IPEmotion 2021 R1 supports the DLT protocol, storage on external data storage, and the conversion of trace data into signal-based data.

With these features, IPEmotion meets the new technical requirements for higher measurement bandwidth and measurement flexibility, which are becoming increasingly important, especially as electromobility advances and new vehicle platforms are developed.

The innovations at a glance:

Support of Automotive Ethernet (TECMP protocol)

  • Support of Technica Automotive Ethernet interfaces in IPEmotion PC and on the Ethernet ports of IPETRONIK data loggers
  • Traceability of source information including timestamps and packet counts
  • Recording of Ethernet networks and signal-based physical quantities

ECU calibration (XCP protocol)

  • Data recording and ECU calibration in one software package
  • Display of characteristic diagrams in an editable table view and as 3D graphics in real time
  • Uniform range of functions on IPEmotion PC and IPETRONIK data logger

Support of logging and tracing tools (DLT protocol)

  • Implementation and support of the DLT protocol (logging only) according to AUTOSAR specification
  • Monitoring of ECU communication (Ethernet) and operation

Support of external memory

  • Storage of measurement files on USB drives or DriveBay NF1
  • Simultaneous support of multiple external storage media
  • Fast, direct data access and higher flexibility

Conversion of trace data into signal-based data

  • Conversion of J1939 CAN trace data (MDF4, ZIPRT, IAD, BLF, ASCII) into signal based data via J1939 dbc file
  • Conversion of Ethernet trace data (MDF4, ZIPRT, IAD) into signal-based data via Autosar file (.ARXML) or Fibex file (.XML)
  • Conversion and storage of trace information in engineering units, also during post-processing

An overview of the new functions can be found in the release news on the product page.
IPEmotion 2021 R1.1 is available for download here.

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