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Develop and validate electronic refrigerant valves

The thermal management presents great challenges for electric vehicles. It has to be efficient and tailored to suit the electric drive. This can be achieved by optimizing the distribution of refrigerants to the different consumers. In order to reach this goal, the expansion, multi-way, and shut-off valves must function very effectively.

Approve your valve developments with our test bench IPEvalve and test them under real operating conditions!

The IPEvalve is a fully automated test bench for thermodynamic performance or durability tests of various automotive refrigerant circuit valve types with the refrigerants R134a or R1234yf. Test groups allow the test bench to be equipped with up to 6 valves at a time. The component test bench has been developed according to the highest standards andmeets all the requirements of development engineers.

The application and further information on IPEvalve can be found here.

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