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Climate Acoustic Chamber with HV Charging Station

Acoustic Engineering for hybrid and electric vehicles

With an electric drive, our vehicles become significantly quieter. Nevertheless, they do not remain silent. This is because noises that had previously been drowned out by the sound of a combustion engine have now become audible and thus a source of irritation. This poses new challenges for acoustics. In our new video, we show you how and with what we analyze and optimize vehicle sounds in order to reduce disturbing noises.

Whether high-frequency noise components from auxiliary units and subsystems or creaking, humming or whistling noises from other sources - noise can occur in many places in electric vehicles. These need to be localized, analyzed and reduced. As an expert in acoustic engineering, we have extensive expertise and many years of experience in this field.

A broad portfolio of test bench resources is available at the IPETRONIK engineering sites in Eichstätt and Baden-Baden. These include several acoustic test chambers for entire vehicles, one of which is equipped with a 350 kW DC charging column. This allows a wide range of tests and measurements to be performed on hybrid and electric vehicles in a conditioned environment, with controlled relative humidity and artificial sunlight. Learn more about the climatic acoustic chamber with integrated HV charging pole!



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