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Acoustic measurement during fast charging of e-vehicles

Development scopes of e-vehicles include not only the driving operation but also the charging process, especially in the high power class up to 350 kW. As a new aspect, noise emission has been added to the typical variables such as charging power, efficiency, usability and battery durability.

For practical test operation, the HV charging station at IPETRONIK is therefore integrated into an acoustic chamber that can be air-conditioned. This allows all relevant operating variables and parameters to be measured during the charging process. Typical test setups include thermal sensors and IPETRONIK's own data loggers, as well as vibration sensors, microphones, acoustic dummy heads and pulsation sensors in the refrigeration circuit.

Special methods of noise measurement such as an acoustic camera for sound localization or laser vibrometers for measuring surface velocity can also be used. The data sets acquired in this way can be fed into a wide range of analysis methods. Flexible export formats and cloud connections are part of the proven standard.

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