Thermodynamics and Thermal Management

Bench-testing: Calibration, validation, simulation

Whether it is for prototypes, vehicles or individual components – test bench testing increases efficiency, safety, and innovation because of the repeatebility and the realistic simulation of real-life conditions. We specialize in the areas durability, climate, thermal management and acoustics, helping you to reduce your development time significantly despite the increasingly complex requirements. At our locations in Baden-Baden and Eichstaett, you will find completely equipped workshops and test chambers as well as a highly qualified team advising and supporting you throughout the entire project and providing the best solutions to meet and exceed your test requirements.

Developing thermal systems

Future acceptance of motor vehicles, and the demand for them, will increasingly focus on energy consumption. With our advances in vehicle air conditioning and thermal management, we offer quick and efficient responses to the rising demands of the automobile industry. Hybrid systems were just the beginning. Tomorrow, electric vehicles will play an increasingly central role. Apart from the engine itself, the air conditioning and thermal management will be the primary focuses of efficiency concerns.

Given the increased requirements as regards environmental protection, air conditioning and thermal management, we rely on efficiency and technological progress. Our research is conducted at current issues like alternative refrigerants, latest battery technology or optimized air conditioning units. Furthermore, we develop complete systems. Our experience in research is constantly fed back into the development process, just to satisfy the future requirements by now.


Thermal management

Our system test bench facilities are designed to accommodate any kind of vehicle media circuit. In its early-stages, vehicle development faces complex thermal challenges: the alternating functionalities of cooling and heating both the vehicle interior and the drive components of electric vehicles, as well as the interaction of the involved media circuits – in combination with their intelligent regulation. Efficient testing is possible even without an existing heat source, thanks to our state-of-the-art simulation modules – which allow us to realistically copy the appropriate real conditions. Thus, a variety of requirements can be rigorously fulfilled. With our test bench facilities, we are able to address issues long before a vehicle prototype is available – providing a boost to the technical maturity of the thermal management.

Component testing

We test not only the thermal systems, but also their components – using a variety of compressor and component test benches. Most of these tests, again, focus on performance and efficiency testing, endurance, and benchmarking. We also offer the following services:

  • Acquisition of media data for determining the oil circulation ratio, for test bench and vehicle applications
  • Studies on contamination influences in systems and components
  • Off-mode power consumption of refrigerant compressors

Individual service

For years, the automobile industry has faced the task of finding a substitute for R134a, the refrigerant banned in the EU. This requires the development and safety testing of circuits with alternative refrigerants. To meet these challenges, we grant our customers constant professional attention and dedicated support. This includes the following portfolio of services:

  • Performance and efficiency studies on the scope of conditioning and heat-pump performanceBenchmarking, for components and AC systems
  • Benchmarking, for components and AC systems
  • Endurance validation for refrigerant compressors
  • Development of AC and heat pump systems
  • Support for handling serial complaints
  • System-based component comparison
  • Realization of customized solutions