Manufacturer-independent data acquisition

IPEmotion test and measurement software

On-the-spot measurement and reliable data acquisition are our primary focus. That is why we have developed IPEmotion – an intuitive and easy-to-use configuration and data acquisition software. IPEmotion connects complex ECU applications with highly precise measurement instrumentation. By offering special PlugIns, the program supports all measurement applications in automotive testing, regardless of the hardware in use.

Customized OEM setups and installations provide you with a tailored software solution for your development process. In addition to that, IPEmotion supports online adjustments to your measurement screen while storing data. IPEmotion is available in several languages and permits the acquisition of large data volumes as well as automatic evaluation, reporting and offline processing of measurement data.

  • Simple and intuitive operability
  • Versatile visualization and analysis functions
  • Vendor independent data acquisition
  • Customized OEM setups