IPEmotion Android app

Data logger driver display for mobile end devices

The Android display concept is an innovative way to visualize data logger measurement data.

IPETRONIK’s IPEmotion app offers one display solution for all data loggers. The app is supported by all current Android end devices and allows the driver to view the data logger’s online measurement data. With MirrorLink, the app can be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle head unit. MirrorLink is activated on OEM level and configured to your needs.

If you don’t have the necessary data logger hardware but would like to test the app, try out the demo mode using the internal Gyro and GPS signals.



Data logger display system

The app-based display system is available in different system configurations. IPElog2 offers an innovative parallel WLAN concept allowing the user to send measurement data via one WiFi interface and connect a mobile end device to the data logger access point via a second WiFi network. We place great importance on providing a complete system solution, ensuring that the display pages of the app are set up with the data logger measurement configuration via the IPEmotion measurement software. This allows our customers to automatically update display configuration and measurement task from all over the world, e.g. via IPEcloud.

The most important features include:

  • Integrated display configuration via the IPEmotion software
  • Direct connection to the IPElog2 WiFi network
  • Automatic reconnection if the WiFi network connection is interrupted
  • Automatic configuration import onto the end device when the measurement is started
  • Display of up to 250 measurement signals on 20 pages
  • Instrument library with yt, bar, and alphanumeric graphs as well as LED
  • Setup of the WiFi connection via the WPS button (only for IPEhub2)
  • Head unit integration via MirrorLink on request
  • Free download of Google Play

IPEmotion App Software Releases

IPEmotion App



The IPEmotion App is a display concept to visualize measuring data. The connection to the data loggers for IPelog2 and IPEhub2 takes place immediately. You can either use IPEhub2 as IPEconnect or IPEwifi V3 as an accesspoint interface to connect M-LOG V3 or FLEETlog2.

Free download on Google Playstore.



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Image gallery regarding IPEmotion App

The gallery shows a selection of the most important instruments and configuration dialogs