IPEcloud MDM

Measurement data management and simulation with MATLAB

IPEcloud MDM is a powerful measurement data management platform for data loggers and test benches. The platform can process large data sets of test vehicles fleets and test benches to generate statistics and reports based on MATLAB computing functions. This application can be hosted on premise or in a dedicated customer cloud environment.

Data processing with MATLAB scripts
IPEcloud MDM is designed to subject measurement data of large fleets or test benches to a systematic folder structure, data processing and evaluation. Data processing is primarily done with MATLAB scripts. Developers can embed their existing MATLAB functions in the platform, which creates great synergies when creating their evaluation routines.

Hardware and data format independence
The system is hardware-independent and can process measurement data of different measurement and data logger systems. The import interface provides a large driver library. The imported data are converted into the TDMS format by default; the raw data are kept as well.

Data processing and tagging

The imported raw data are prepared for processing with a project-specific configuration. The MATLAB scripts allow the user to individualize and automate their processing in various ways, e.g.

  • Storing standard names
  • Converting units and scales
  • Splitting / merging files
  • Highlighting alarm events
  • Creating reports


In addition to that, calculations can be conducted and events of particular interest can be tagged. The tags and metadata are stored in an SQL database and can easily be searched.


Evaluation and searching
There are various search functions available. Users can search raw data, processed data, events, as well as reports and export the filtered data from the MDM platform at any time to conduct local analyses and simulations.

IPEcloud MDM has been developed and sold together with EUtech Scientific Engineering, Aachen.

IPEcloud MDM – Various uses of measurement data

The IPEcloud MDM platform offers various features to process measurement data. In addition to basic functions, such as
tagging events of special interest and structured data storage, the platform includes:

Usage profiling
It is very easy to create profiles and classifications and to identify trends.

By using standardized processes to create evaluations, repeatable and objective results can be achieved.

In order to keep the preliminary development prototypes up to date, current field data can be fed into the simulation.

Health status monitoring
With IPEcloud MDM, the system can be monitored at all times. Dashboards and indices help to increase the efficiency of the data evaluation.

Pro-active maintenance
The field data can support a proactive maintenance.

Automated customer reports
A completely automated data processing reduces the need for manual action to a minimum and leaves more time for
data interpretation.



Web portal for fleet management

IPEcloud is the ideal tool to monitor the productivity of a vehicle fleet without getting lost in individual measurement files. Within IPEcloud, the user can graphically view the system status of the data logger or configure a limit value monitoring for incoming measurement data.

A traffic light display offers a quick status overview of the selected measurement channels. For limit violations, an e-mail alert function is available. With the integrated standard reporting module, the user can group a whole fleet of vehicles and logger. A consolidated general overview provides the most important key figures of the fleet, such as covered miles, remaining measurement file transmissions, etc.

Data conversion and analysis with IPEmotion

With IPEcloud, the incoming measurement data can be converted into the desired format and made available for download via a file archive. The user can configure a direct drive connection to IPEcloud in order to analyze the data on the PC.

Remote data transmission

Via the WiFi and modem interface, the measurement data stored on the logger can be transferred to IPEcloud in an event-driven way. The security is guaranteed by encrypted protocols like SFTP and HTTPS. The data are stored in the IPETRONIK server rooms. Customer-specific data hosting infrastructures can be integrated via an FTP connection.

Centralized monitoring and administration

With IPEcloud, IPETRONIK provides you with an important tool to optimize endurance testing and to monitor large data logger fleets.

All IPETRONIK data logger support remote remote data transmission. Therefore they work hand in hand with IPEcloud. For worldwide usage via the WiFi interface, the standards IEEE 802.11 b/g/n are covered. For modem transmission the logger support 3G/4G/LTE bandwidth. IPEcloud consists of the following four services:


Mailbox to administrate logger e-mails and alarm notifications.

  • Filtering and forwarding functions enable a selected dispatch to e-mail recipients and recipient groups

  • Alarm and logger notifications are automatically sent to the responsible person or group of persons

  • No need for manual forwarding or unnecessarily high e-mail volumes


Providing storage space for incoming data files and configuration updates. Direct access to all logger files, for example measurement, logger and configuration data.

  • Easy-to-use upload and download functions for all measurement and logger data

  • Automatic conversion of incoming measurement data into the following formats: CSV, DIAdem, MDF4, Traffic, ASCII

  • Measurement configuration file management to update the logger measurement task

  • Automated analysis and PDF reporting

  • Data is stored in separate server rooms according to the highest standards and with state-of-the-art technology via incremental and full backup

  • For remote data transmission, measurement data packages can additionally be encrypted with Blowfish ciphering



Fleet management tool with numerous monitoring features.

  • Map view with GPS position recording of the route and display of the current vehicle/logger location

  • Indication of date and time of last upload and data transmission

  • Limit values of different channels can be configured individually

  • Current status of the configuration is displayed in different colors

  • Red: Measured values above or below a defined limit

  • Green: Measured values within a defined limit

  • E-mail alert function for each monitored status

  • Detailed view with display of min/max statistics for all channels


This service monitors the logger system status. The columns can be customized to define which information is presented, for instance:

  • Logger model and serial number

  • Firmware versions of FPGA, PIC, and TESTdrive

  • Name of the measurement configuration

  • XCP and CCP communication status with the control unit

  • Status of the A2L version check (EPK check) with the control unit

  • Serial number and firmware version of extender devices, e.g. the FlexRay-Extender

  • Number of the transmitted measurement file

  • Measurement duration