Vehicle acoustics analysis with IPE acoustic head

In the automotive field, the acoustic behaviour has become an important quality feature for customers.

IPETRONIK’s business devision IPEengineering offers various services in the field of vehicle air conditioning (HVAC unit) and vehicle acoustics for typical development works. Besides its technical expertise, IPEenigneering provides a wide range of appropriate measurement equipment and accessories.

IPE acoustic head system characteristics:

  • Binaural microphone arrangement for an aurally accurate noise acquisition
  • Additional third microphone placed in acoustically neutral position
  • System equipped with ½“ microphones (IEPE or 200 V supply)
  • Standard front-end: IPETRONIK Mx-SENS2 4 (4 x 100 kHz input)
  • IPEmotion software for data acquisition, analysis and data export
  • Noise-free high performance PC that can be integrated in the IPE acoustic head body
  • Compatibility to common acoustics measurement systems

Do not hesitate to contact our acoustic experts directed by Walter Zipp for any questions.
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