TEDS - Sensor configuration avoiding errors and saving time

Sensors supporting TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) help to increase the measurement configuration security and productivity.

All sensor parameters relevant to scaling are stored on a chip, i.e. integrated in the plug. The scaling parameters can be read with the IPEmotion hardware and sensor detection, which facilitates a quick and error-free configuration and the reading of the valid calibration date as well as many more sensor parameters, such as manufacturer name, serial number, etc. .

With the TEDS interface and the corresponding IPEmotion TEDS editor software (view manual), class 2 TEDS sensors can be written. The interface device is connected to the PC via USB and offers connection sockets for all modules supporting TEDS (Mx-STG2 6, Mx-SENS2 4, Mx-SENS2 8, M-SENS2 4). The following TEDS templates are already included in the TEDS editor software:
- Accelerometer & Force
- High-Level Voltage Output Sensor
- Current Loop Output Sensor

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