Synchronous recording of USB and IP camera images with IPEmotion

With the latest release V01.00.03 of the video PlugIn, the connection of IP cameras is further improved. It is now possible to start the IPEmotion measurement even if the camera is not ready (e.g. because of boot-up times). The video stream will be stored automatically later on.

The PlugIn supports the image data recording of all common USB cameras. In addition to that, IP cameras with several camera units can be integrated via the Realtime Streaming Protocol (RTSP). Due to their Ethernet connection, those cameras are very useful for spatially distributed measurements.

More and more measurements synchronously record video images and vehicle as well as system data. A typical application would be the monitoring of fluid levels (e.g. brake fluids) in all driving situations. Cameras with LED lights are ideal for inaccessible or dark recording places.

To download the PlugIn, please click here.

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