New Scaling calculator features: Extended multi-point scaling, TEDS

The IPEmotion Scaling calculator provides useful features to calculate physical values (like temperature, pressure, strain, force, acceleration, rpm, ...) from corresponding electrical sensor signals (voltage, current, frequency, ...).

The multipoint scaling has been extended with the calculations for negative slopes (so far monotonically increasing slopes only). Moreover, the Test acquisition is a useful feature to verify the currently configured scaling parameters.

For enabling an efficient signal configuration, the scaling calculator offers a range of functions like:

  • Factor/Offset scaling
  • 2-point scaling
  • Free 2-point scaling
  • Bridge adjustment (full, half, quarter bridge)
  • VTAB visualization

The modules Mx-STG2 6, M-SENS2, Mx-SENS2 4 and Mx-SENS2 8 are supporting the use of TEDS sensors according to IEEE-1451.4 Class 2 standard. Reading the scaling parameters from the sensor chip makes the daily work a lot easier and avoids manual entry errors.

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