Saving audio comments on the data logger with IPEmotion ME

Test drivers often like to record certain events during test drives with audio comments. These comments can help to evaluate CAN measurement or other process data (e.g. GPS) and to gain more or more precise information about maloperations.

Up until now, such comments had to be recorded via CAN microphones or the iMIC with integrated trigger button. With the latest IPEmotion App feature “IPEmotion Mobile Edition“, audio comments for the data loggers IPElog2 and M-LOG V3 can be saved directly via the driver display system (Android / iOS). These comments with a maximum duration of 30 seconds are stored in the current measurement file on the logger via the WiFi interface (as WAV file). The WAV file is available on the end device for up to 10 minutes and can be accessed and played back via the app options. After that, the audio files are deleted automatically.

Please click here to download the latest version of the IPEmotion Mobile Edition.

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