Replacement of IPETRONIK CAN PlugIn with new IPETRONIK PlugIn-X V02.07.01

The IPETRONIK X-PlugIn is the recommended interface for data acquisition with the CAN-based M modules and the XCPonETH-based X modules.

With the functional scope of this version, the X-PlugIn introduces a functional replacement of the IPETRONIK CAN PlugIn. The X-PlugIn offers many functions that make a changeover useful:

  • Manual assignment of the CAN-ID
  • Firmware update of CAN and X devices
  • IP addresses allocation for X devices
  • Support of the new M-TDC module
  • 4-20mA Measuring range for SENS module inputs
  • Storage of the 2-point scaling in the device

64-bit setup

There are many other functions that make the X-PlugIn useful.

The download link to the PlugIn can be found here.

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