Reliable development of refrigerant compressors with IPEcomp test benches

The development of electrical compressors (eCOMPs) has a significant role in the field of new drive technologies
for electrical and hybrid verhicles. An efficient energy management is a curcial requirement of such generations
of vehicles.

eCOMP driven HVAC systems provide the advantage of an operation independent from the drive train. This
enables continuous air conditioning and heating performance during the vehicles stop times (vehicles with automatic start-stop system). In order to save valuable battery power, thus providing a long distance range,
the refrigerant system of the vehicle can be operated in the air conditioning mode as well as an energy saving
heating (heat pump mode). Besides the high climatic comfort in the passenger compartment, dual refrigerant circuits offer an optimized thermal management for the high voltage battery. The eCOMP as core component
of the HVAC system has to be tested under various ambient conditions regarding to reliable operation and
high durability.

IPEcomp is the ideal test bench to validate all types of automotive refrigerant compressors. It offers various functions and predefined test procedures:

  • Matrix testing procedures
  • Life cycle endurance testing (Raffer)
  • Oil Circulation Ratio (OCR) measurement
  • Vibration testing incl. gas pressure pulsation
  • Acoustic measurements (NVH)
  • Temperature simulations from -30 (-40) ... 120 °C in the test chamber

IPEcomp test benches provide highly precise and repeatable results. The tests can be configured and controlled with the software IPEmotion.

For an overview of the IPEcomp test bench functions, please refer to our video or this presentation.

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