Refrigerant compressor validation with IPEcomp test benches

With the IPEtec compressor test benches of the IPEcomp series, all current types of automotive refrigerant compressors can be validated. The test bench systems are highly accurate, provide reproducible test results, and support the use of various refrigerants, such as R134a, R1234yf or R744. They are controlled via the IPEmotion measurement data acquisition software, which offers a variety of functions for standardized test procedures, such as

  • Matrix testing
  • Life cycle endurance testing (Raffer)
  • Oil circulation ratio (OCR) measurement
  • Vibration testing incl. gas pressure pulsation
  • Acoustic measurements (NVH)
  • Temperature simulations from -30 ... 120 °C (in the test chamber)

Please find a full overview of the IPEcomp test bench functions on the product page or in this video.

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