Practical tipp – Signal scaling using sensor data base and TEDS

Depending on the number of measurement modules used within a system, the physical scaling requires much time and effort, especially when strain gauge channels are used.

The IPEmotion scaling calculator provides an import of configuration parameters from an user-specific sensor data base. If a sensor or a signal has been configured and stored in the data base previously, the settings can be re-used for any further channel configruations. This saves time and avoids type errors. Moreover, an Excel import procedure allows to import individual measurement device data bases containing additional sensor-specific information, such as serial number, calibration and expiration/ validation date, ... .

The use of TEDS sensors offers another simplification. All scaling information is stored on a miniature chip placed in the sensor housing or the sensor connector. The IPETRONIK modules Sx-STG, M-SENS2, Mx-STG2 6 and Mx-SENS2 4 support the reading of TEDS data during the automatic hardware detection. The TEDS editor tool provides a writing function to save specific data on the TEDS chip. IPETRONIK supplies pre-configured TEDS cables and sensors on request.

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