PlugIn Protocols: ETH gateway, extensions in traffic measurement

The IPEmotion PlugIn Protocols covers all requirements regarding control unit protocol and bus traffic measurements.

The latest release V02.00 supports the ETH gateway as new hardware interface and the acquisition of multi-channel CAN, FlexRay, and LIN inputs. Moreover, the configuration via A2L description files for protocol measurements with XCPonUDP and as of late XCPonTCP is enabled. The PlugIn also offers the adjustment of control unit parameters during ECU calibration.

In addition to protocol measurements via CANdb, XCP, CCP, J1939, OBD, and GM-LAN, it is now possible to acquire LIN and FlexRay traffic and evaluate it online and offline (in the traffic analyzer). The CAN traffic simulator can output CAN messages and play recorded trace files.

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