PlugIn IPETRONIK-LOG innovations

Using the latest IPEmotion PlugIn IPETRONIK-LOG V03.58.01, IPETRONIK data loggers M-LOG/M-LOG V3, FLEETlog/FLEETlog2, IPElog/IPElog2 are supporting new features:

  • Video data external
    Storing video data on external USB drive.
  • Sign-of-live
    Indicating the connecting status (logger < > webinterface).
  • DataTransfer
    New TESTdriveCmd command controls the transfer of zipped measurement files.
  • New formulas
    Radius and angle calculation in polar coordinates.
  • New OBD channels
    Further PIDs iin the range of 100 to 130 are supported.
  • Export channel comments
    Writing channel specific comments to the connected modules.
  • Measurement status file
    The logger wake up reason is reported in the measurement status file.

The latest PlugIn IPETRONIK-LOG including TESTdrive V03.58.01 is available for download here.

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