PlugIn integration for CAETEC data loggers

The latest release of the CAETEC-dataLog plugIn supports the dataLog software versions 2018.02.x, 2017.10.x, 2016.10.x, 2015.14.x and 2015.10.x.

This allows most of our dataLog customers to configure their µCROS and ARCOS data loggers with IPEmotion. The devices are automatically detected via the Ethernet interface and initialized with the measurement configuration.

The device configuration with IPEmotion has the advantage that existing IPEmotion customers can configure both IPETRONIK and CAETEC data loggers with one software. In addition to that, configurations can be exchanged more easily between different logger platforms.

The upcoming plugIn version 18.10 will additionally support the configuration of the µCROS SL data logger.

Information about the features can be found in the release notes of the versions V17.10.00, V16.10.01, V16.10.00, and V15.14.00. To go to the IPETRONIK plugIn download area, please click here.

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