Overview of HV measurement systems

The acquisition of analogue measured variables from the HV network (battery and charging system) is of great importance in the fleet testing of electric and hybrid vehicles in order to be able to analyse the vehicle behaviour in combination with on-board network communication between the control units (e.g. the Battery Management System [BMS] and the Powertrain ECU). For HV components, various measurement systems are available for measurement applications (DC measurement tasks) in the CAT I and CAT II area of application. These components can be combined with IPETRONIK's data logger systems.

  • HVshunt1/2: Shunts for measuring voltages and currents in the HV-DC network up to 800A / 1000V DC
  • HVshunt CCS: charging current measurement between charging infrastructure (charging station) and vehicle
  • M-THERMO2 HV: Thermocouple module type K for temperature measurement at potential-prone measuring points
  • High Voltage Iso DAQ: 4-channel DC high voltage divider for voltage measurement in DC high voltage systems
  • Iso Clamp Connector: Current clamp adapter for current measurement

We will be presenting these and other products as well as solutions for e-mobility testing, HV compressor testing, fleet management and IPEcloud measurement data management at this year's Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe, Europe's largest trade fair for HEV and advanced battery technologies, to be held in Stuttgart from 7 to 9 May. You will find us at booth 429. We are looking forward to your visit!

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