New major release IPEmotion 2019 R1 now available!

The new data logger software IPEmotion RT is based on IPEmotion. Both products share a source code platform. Since the features are implemented in both programs at the same time, the software packages have been combined in one setup, allowing the user to install both software packages at once and switch between the programs.

In addition, IPEmotion 2019 R1 offers further innovations in the areas of Mobile Display, display and data manager.

Mobile Display - Measurement data display: the measurement data display via IPEmotion ME (app) has been extended by the display of the video stream, the limit value monitoring with configurable pop-up window, the input of text comments, the display of the V-TAB scaling as well as the automatic color change to night mode.

Display - Master page layout: with the master layout, display pages can be preconfigured and used as templates for others. This is helpful for display elements which cover several display pages and especially efficient for test bench applications.

Data manager - Data converter integration: converting measurement files into different file formats is important for analyses outside of IPEmotion. By integrating IPEconverter, measurement data can be exported automatically according to defined rules and conversion parameters for further processing.

More information about the new features can be found in the Release News.
IPEmotion 2019 R1 is available for download here.

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