New IPETRONIK X-PlugIn 2.10 with many new functions

The X-PlugIn allows the time-synchronous device configuration and measurement value acquisition of both IPETRONIK CAN and X modules. The X modules can be connected via CAN interfaces or via the LAN interface (XCPonETH protocol). Since the X-PlugIn is based on a universal driver platform, other software products, such as the IPEaddon for INCA, also benefit from the new functions.

The most important changes of the latest release are:

  • Integration of the measurement module MultiDAQ
  • XCP standard 1.4 for sampling rates > 10 kHz in A2L measurements
  • Device license update for TEDS and DSP functions
  • Alias-free measurement with active hardware filter

By implementing the XCP standard 1.4, the full bandwidth with sampling rates of up to 100 kHz can now be achieved via an A2L description file for the measurement modules Mx-SENS2 4 (IEPE sensors), Mx-STG2 6 (strain gauge sensors), and Sx-STG (universal inputs).

Please find the plugIns here.

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