New! IPEmotion 2018 R1 – latest release

This release is adding a new tool set for data file searching. With the measurement data management (MDM) functions you are now able to search in large data file archives. The search interfaces offer full text search, time range search and access to all data file and channel meta data properties and key-value pairs. Logical operation can be combined too to create very specific search terms.

The new functionality of guided measurement gives you the capability to enter and update meta data parameters before and after your measurement conveniently.

With the new XCP-slave you can integrate measurement data recorded from IPEmotion easily to other 3rd party software tools supporting XCP master. The exchange format is an A2L file.

  • Data base driven meta data file search 
    + Complete parameter search
    + Multiple search filters
  • Guided measurement for parameter input 
    + Event driven parameter before and after measurement
    + Customizable dialogs
  • Configuration of data file names
    + Free file name configuration from any project parameter
    + Combine constants, text, signs, individual date and number formats
  • XCP-slave interface 
    + Standard interface for data routing to XCP-master applications
    + A2L export with multiple DAQ list
  • Extended TEDS adjustment
    + TEDS adjustment on channel level
    + Synchronization for new sensors
  • Downward compatibility of configurations
    + Latest configurations can be opened with elderly programmer and PlugIn versions
    + The unsupported elements are visualized

You will find more details on the Release News and in the New features video.

IPEmotion 2018 R1 is here available for Download.

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