HV temperature measurement with multi-connector cables

With the M-THERMO2 HV connector module, 4 thermocouple measuring points can be applied together in single highly insolted cable trunk. With this cable construction, the cable cross-section is considerably reduced compared to four individual HV cables.  This reduces the number of measuring leads to 1/4 and the cable breakthroughs to the measuring points, e.g. in the HV battery, can also be much smaller.

Furthermore the cable prices can be reduced by 50% too.

Main characteristics:

  • Safe temperature measurement at high voltages of up to 846 VDC
  • Measuring range of -60 ... 1370 °C using NiCr/Ni thermocouples
  • High voltage safety socket for four-channel multi-connector
  • Applications according to CAT I and CAT II supported
  • Full M2 series system integration (cables, connectors, mechanical components, software)
  • Data acquisition and online calculations with IPETRONIK data loggers
  • IPEmotion software for fast and easy configuration and data evaluation

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