Mx-STG devices for Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA)

The Mx-STG2 6 with its 6 high-precision STG channels and 21 Bit A/D converter ENOB resolution is ideal for durability tests with high demands regarding precision and data rate.

The STG device is connected to the measurement PC (notebook) via 100 MBit Ethernet connection (X-LINK). Due to the decentralized modular system structure, the large signal bandwidth can be transferred over long distances within the vehicle (e.g. for applications with demands for high number of channels or high sample rates of significantly more than 1kHz). IPEmotion provides various classifications such as From-to count, Level crossing, Sample count, Rainflow, and Time at level for evaluation and durability analysis. The new integrated measurement data manager (MDM) facilitates searching and comparing stored measurement series.

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