messtec + sensor masters 2017

Meet the Best - On March 28 and 29 the 13th messtec + sensor masters take place at
the SI centrum in Stuttgart, Germany.

Experience innovative measurement technology and sensors in the well-known relaxed atmosphere. National and international exhibitors as well as an extensive workshop program
will offer you interesting conversations.

Get valuable firsthand information at the CAETEC & IPETRONIK joint stand:

  • IPEmotion 2017
    + Online traffic analyzer now supports extended CAN and CAN FD traffic filter functions
    + CAN traffic ASCII import from multiple interfaces
    + Traffic-2-signal conversion for FlexRay traffic using Fibex and ARXML decription files
    + Acoustic module now supports post processing for overall level, order analysis, weighting
    + Audio replay from Campbell diagram
    + Write functions for TEDS sensors

  • ARCOS 1.5 Modular Data Logger System
    + Versatile bus inputs
    + CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, ...
    + Different operating modes (IPEmotion PC, logger with DataLog and Linux OS)

  • Integration of the CAETEC CLFD box into IPEmotion software
    + Symbiosis of CAETEC hardware and IPETRONIK software
    + Implementation of the CLFD box version 16x CAN, 8x LIN, 2x FlexRay, 2x DIO
    + IPEmotion PlugIn Protocols (signal and traffic measurement)

  • Enhancement of the X-LINK family
    + Mx-STG2 6 - 6-channel STG measurement module
    + Channel data rates up to 100 kHz at 24 bit resolution
    + Developed for RLDA (road load data acquisition)

Take the chance and visit us on this expert panel.

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