Measurement in FlexRay networks

The new 2-channel FlexRay Satellite Interface supports measurements in FlexRay networks. The data logger extension unit has 2 channels (A/B) and can be used for signal and traffic measurements with all 3 data logger software platforms (dataLog/CAETEC, TESTdrive and IPEmotion RT). A direct connection to IPEmotion via the plugIn V02.02.00 Protocols is also supported.


  • 2 channels
  • Wake on FlexRay with No Message Lost (NML)
  • Signal and traffic measurement

For dataLog and IPEmotion RT data logger software platforms,  several FlexRay and CAN FD interfaces can be combined on one Ethernet interface. For TESTdrive, only one satellite interface per Ethernet input can be operated.

For the technical data, please refer to the product page.

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