M-THERMO2 u now supports E Type thermocouples

IPETRONIK's universal measurement device M-THERMO2 u is supporting the characteristics of thermocouple types J, K, N, R, S, T and recently thermocouples of type E (NiCr-CuNi). Using E type sensors, the measurement input covers a temperature range from -60 °C to 900 °C (-76 °F to 1652 °F).

In order to acquire E type thermocouples using the DAQ software IPEmotion, the PlugIn IPETRONIK-X version V02.05.01 (current release, available from the myIPE user area) or higher releases are required. Updating existing devices to firmware V04.08.00 is supported by the service tool CANdownload without any device hardware upgrade.

Using E type thermocouples within IPETRONIK data logger systems is enabled by the PlugIns IPETRONIK-LOG V03.61 and IPETRONIK-CAN V01.16.

Here you find more information about M-THERMO2.

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