M-THERMO2 HV – Temperature Measurement at HV potential

High-voltage systems in newly developed electric and hybrid vehicles put particularly high demands on the test departments of automobile manufacturers since safety aspects have to be taken into account.

With M-THERMO2 HV, IPETRONIK provides a temperature measuring module of the approved IPETRONIK M2 series which meets these demands.
The new CAN measuring module offers:

  • 4 K-type thermocouple inputs
  • Safe measurements at HV potentials up to +/-846 V
  • Full system integration into the M2 family
  • Data acquisition and online calculations with IPETRONIK RTOS data loggers
  • Fast system configuration and data analysis using IPEmotion PC software

With its high-voltage certified thermocouples and cables, the M-THERMO2 HV offers maximum protection.

The technical data of M-THERMO2 HV is available on the product page.

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