M-TDC - Thermo Direct Connect

With the development of the Thermocouple Direct Connect technology (TDC), IPETRONIK and CAETEC break new ground. The innovative and patented contacting method revolutionizes the mounting of thermocouple plugs as well as the sensor connection. With the new M-TDC, you can directly insert the sensor cables into the module ‒ no thermocouple plugs needed. This saves precious time and work when setting up measurement points and sensors.

Advantages of the M-TDC module, cable, and adapter system:

  • Shorter setup times for thermocouple measurement points
  • No miniature plug mounting necessary
  • High safety due to reverse polarity protection
  • High strain relief due to triple connection forces compared to miniature plugs
  • Connecting compensation cables without pre-assembling plugs
  • Easy connection of compensation cables without plug end
  • Adapters for M-TDC plug contacting available
  • Connecting existing sensors with miniature plugs via M-TDC connectors

Please find further details at the product page and by watching this video.

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