Latest release IPEmotion 2018 R3 with many new functions

IPETRONIK presents its latest software release IPEmotion 2018 R3 with numerous new functions regarding online instruments, data management, measurement configuration, and scripting.


Online instruments (VIEW): snapping instruments to grid & Yt-chart with date display on time axis

Data manager: support of configurable key-value pairs (KVP) & extension of 6 standard KVPs, export of Ethernet traffic measurements from data logger (IPEmotion RT) to PCAP format

Measurement configuration: import of INCA experiments (LAB files) for quick setup of identical channel configurations (logger and INCA measurements)

Scripting: new SyntaxHighlighter & new line number display

More information about the new features can be found in the Release News.
IPEmotion 2018 R3 is available for download here.

If you have any further questions, our support team will be glad to assist you.
Phone +49 7221 9922 333

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