IPETRONIK with new Visual Element PlugIns

IPETRONIK is expanding its portfolio of plugIns and now offers three new instrument plugIns for even more efficient measurement data acquisition. The Visual Element PlugIns (VEPs) are individually configurable and improve the editing and evaluation of the generated measurement data thanks to their clear display.

VEP Statistical Table:
Analysis instrument to calculate automatically statistical parameters like min, max, average and to extract the first and last value of the measurement data file.

VEP Scatter Chart:
Analysis tool for the representation of xy-marks in a cartesian coordinate system, which results in a point cloud or a scatter diagram. The scaling of the x-axis can be linear or logarithmic. The points can also be configured and can be displayed in square or round form.

VEP Brake Display:
Instrument for displaying applications (especially brake tests) in online mode. References and target lines can be configured and graphically displayed within the defined limit values so that the driver receives feedback during his test drive. A test can also be started via the instrument.

To download the PlugIn, please click here.

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