IPETRONIK develops MATLAB-based measurement data management

With IPEcloud MDM, IPETRONIK has introduced a MATLAB-based measurement data management system (MDM). This offers a special framework for automotive & engineering measurement data management and is designed to subject measurement data from large fleets or test benches to a systematic folder structure, data processing and evaluation. Data processing is primarily performed with MATLAB scripts. Developers can embed their existing MATLAB functions in the platform - this creates great synergies when creating evaluation routines.

The cloud-based and scalable data management system is hardware-independent, has a large library of data drivers, and processes measurement data from various measurement and data logger systems. IPEcloud MDM offers a wide range of features for further processing of measurement data.

Highlights at a glance:

  • General functions of a data management system
  • MATLAB data processing toolchain and associated signal processing tools, ADAS, etc.
  • Access rights management for users up to channel level
  • Extensive search and administration functionality
  • Open for data import and export in various formats from any measuring system (manufacturer-independent)

More information can be found on the product page.

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