IPEmotion RT

The IPEmotion RT data logging software is based a new technology platform which offers unprecedented possibilities. You can use the same software platform for your test bench or you fleet testing application. IPEmotion RT should be taken into consideration in the case you require the following functions for your logging applications.

  • High speed analog inputs 100 kHz/channel
  • Extended module functions, e.g. TEDS detect, offset adjust
  • IP- and USB camera interface
  • CAN FD and FlexRay traffic & signal measurement
  • Multi display support (tablets)
  • Android, iOS and browser display tools
  • Online data viewer over IoT internet connection
  • XCP-Slave gateway operation for 3rd party & test bench software
  • Traffic simulation for messages and trace files
  • Universal PlugIn concept
  • Run individual Scripting functions
  • Configuration converter TESTdrive to RT

Overall, you can update your existing IPElog2 and M-LOG V3 loggers via a factory software update to the new Linux operating system and the new RT software.

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