IPEmotion RT - New data logger software for IPElog2 and M-LOG V3

The latest generation of the IPEmotion RT data logger software also supports Linux operating systems and the Linux based IPElog2 and M-LOG V3 data loggers. Compared to its predecessor TestDrive, IPEmotion RT offers a wide range of new functions that make a changeover attractive. Some advantages are:

  • X-LINK device connection via XCPonETH with high sampling rates
  • New applications for NVH and fatigue testing
  • Improved implementation of large channel measurement tasks
  • Support of IP camera systems
  • Extended functions for sequence control, function generators and PID controllers
  • PlugIn interface for integration of further measurement hardware

If you have any questions concerning the software or the migration of your existing TESTdrive configuration to IPEmotion RT, our support team will be glad to assist you.
Phone +49 7221 9922 333
E-mail support@ipetronik.com

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