IPEmotion practical tip: synchronizing measurement configurations with INCA

Measurements in vehicle bus networks are often conducted via several software platforms due to differing application priorities.

The software INCA for example can be used to apply control units online and acquire measurement data via laptop. To subsequently transfer the measurement task from the INCA experiment to a data logger (e.g. for long-term vehicle endurance testing), a practical solution for a fast and easy data transmission is required.

The new INCA LAB file import allows the transfer of INCA measurement configurations for the data logger to IPEmotion. With the LAB import filter, all measurement channels defined in the INCA LAB file can be activated in IPEmotion and are then available for measurements with the data logger. This facilitates the synchronization of measurement tasks between INCA and IPEmotion.

For information about the import of INCA experiments, please click here.

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