IPEmotion plugIn PowerAnalyzer – E-mobility power measurement at the test bench

The IPEmotion plugIn PowerAnalyzer supports YOKOGAWA devices and now also the 4-channel precision devices of the HIOKI PW3390 series for the power measurement of DC and AC sources. With the PowerAnalyzer, IPEmotion further expands its wide range of plugIns and establishes itself as measurement software for various test bench applications.

Appliances of up to 3 phases with various circuits can be connected via different electrical connectors. The configuration with the plugIn is easy and user-friendly – just select the connection mode of the phases (e.g. 1P, 3W) and the circuits. Well-designed diagrams give a good overview.

The power parameters (P, Q, S) and root mean square values (for current and voltage) are calculated from the high-frequency raw time signal. The measurement data acquisition software IPEmotion saves all values with a refresh rate of up to 20 Hz. Combining energy consumption measurements (e.g. of electric vehicles) with control unit data acquired by the plugIn Protocols (CAN, LIN, ETH, FlexRay, XCP, CCP, OBD, …) provides important information about the overall condition of the vehicle.

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