Sensor signal measurement up to 100 kHz

Mx-SENS2 4 offers sensor signal measurements with channel sample rates up to 100 kHz. Besides voltage measurements up to +/-100 V, the module supports +/-20 mA current measurements (with built-in shunt resistors) and IEPE sensors (Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric). Used in a X-LINK system, Mx-SENS2 4 outputs measurement data via Ethernet and, if required, simultaneously to the CAN bus (reduced data rate). Moreover, the module can be used as standard CAN module. In this case, it is configured via Ethernet, while the measurement configruation is created by a CANdb import.

Essential features:

  • 4 electrically isolated analog inputs
  • Voltage input 0 to +/-100 V covered with 10 ranges
  • Selectable channel sample rates (10 Hz to 100 kHz)
  • 4 electrically isolated sensor excitations
  • Each channel can be configured individually by IPEmotion
  • Status LED for each input
  • Measurement data output to Ethernet (XCPon Ethernet) and CAN bus (ISO 11898-2)

More technical details on Mx-SENS2 4 are available from the product page.

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