IPEmotion PlugIn IPETRONIK-LOG V03.59 provides new features!

The latest version V03.59.01 of the IPEmotion PlugIn IPETRONIK-LOG and the corresponding logger application TESTdrive are providing some new features with data loggers M-LOG V3 and IPElog2.

  • M-LOG V3 WiFi data transfer with external device IPEwifi V3
  • IPElog2 WiFi communication supports access point feature for connecting
    mobile devices and data visualization with the IPEmotion App
  • Use of the IPElog2 integrated gyro sensor for acceleration applications/positioning optimisation
  • Specific transfer categories for Log files and FTP server (all loggers)

The current PlugIn IPETRONIK-LOG including TESTdrive V03.59.01 is available for download here.

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