IPEmotion – measurement and evaluation in one software

The measurement data software IPEmotion not only supports the measurement data acquisition from various sources (plugIn concept), it also provides an extensive data evaluation package. With one application, users can cover both data acquisition and data evaluation. The various post-processing and view tools include:

  • Statistics calculations (min, max, average)
  • Freely definable formulas
  • Classifications (sample count, rainflow, …)
  • FFT analysis (amplitude, power, phase)
  • Filters (highpass, lowpass, bandpass)
  • Campbell diagram
  • CAN bus traffic analysis
  • Video data
  • Audio signals
  • GPS maps

IPEmotion supports the synchronous analysis of control unit data, GPS position, image data, and audio comments or sound recording s in various data formats, which is ideal for the analysis of certain error patterns and automotive applications. The results (.IAD) can directly be exported to a report template, e.g. for documentation, or to other formats for further processing, such as CSV, Excel, MDF4, DIAdem, MATLAB, Famos, or ATFX.

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