IPEmotion Key-Value Pairs – Advanced Measurement Data Description

IPEmotion 2017 offers with the Key-value pairs an ideal solution for high requirements on meta data and data traceability.

These are supported by all IPETRONIK data loggers and significantly improve the traceability of data, since they combine measured values on channel level with all the relevant meta data. As a result, not only is the origin of the data fully transparent throughout the entire hierarchy of the data acquisition system, but also the complexity and hierarchy of file structures are simplified. This enables a more efficient post-processing. Customer-specific key-value pairs are stored on data logger level in the form of an XML file (KeyValueDefinition.xml). This can be exported individually to the MDF4 format.

The new video IPEmotion – Key-Value Pairs and MDF4 Data Files introduces the benefits of Key-value pairs.

Please find further information in this presentation.

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