IPEmotion – Data Acquisition, Visualization, Analysis

IPEmotion – IPETRONIK's measurement DAQ software offers a wide range of valuable functions.
The use of a single software platform for gathering, visualizing, storing and analyzing of measurement signals is the main user benefit.

The IPEmotion analysis tool provides a powerful data post processing by functions like:

  • Formula parser for calculations
  • Statistics, classifications
  • Filtering functionalities
  • Event search
  • Statistical analysis

Using the clear configuration interface, the user can create his individual data processing sequences. The results of data processing can be used as input for subsequent calculations. For example, while step 1 applies data filtering on a defined frequency range, step 2 executes a FFT calculation.

IPEmotion 2017 is available for download here.

This demo project including a sample data record exemplifies a practical application.

Please feel free to contact our IPEmotion support team for any questions.
Phone +49 7221 9922 333
E-mail support@ipetronik.com

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