IPEmotion Control for open and closed-loop control

The IPEmotion Control module (Option Control), which is available for IPEmotion Professional and Developer Editions, provides an extended range of features for Sequence control, Function generators, Controllers and Routers.

These features enable an efficient processing of testing sequences and DAQ series.

  • Function generator
    Generating standard waveforms (ramp, square, sinus, ..) and random signals by the ouput
    of recorded signals or importing CSV data records.
  • Sequence control
    Definition of step lists by the use of the elements sequence control and sequence block. Different function blocks, e.g. set output, monitor signal, call script, can be merged to elements.
  • Controller
    Any number of PID controllers is supported. The controller parameters proportional term, integral and derivative term can be configured individually by the IPEmotion GUI, even during measurement and control operation.
  • Router
    Router channels are used to link input parameters and output results among different PlugIns. For example, this feasture is required to acquire measurement data by PlugIn A (e.g. IPETRONIK-X), calculate online and output the results with PlugIn B (e.g. SIEMENS-PLC).

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