IPEmotion COM Interface – Script recorder for batch processing

Using the IPEmotion COM interface provides a wide range of customized applications in addition to the standard GUI features.

Many IPEmotion functions can be controlled over the COM interface with an external software thus enabling applications like:

  • Automated and database-driven configuration of measurement tasks
  • Transferring measurement data to external programs, e.g. LabVIEW
  • Controlling/supervision of IPEmotion process tasks by primary test bench systemes

Moreover executing VBA and IronPython scripts inside IPEmotion offers various possibilities to simplify your data acquisition. Scripts can be started by individual trigger events like limit exceeding/undercut, action button, user specified buttons. The macro recorder traces scriptings for reuse.

Scripts can be programmed for:

  • Entering parameters to initiate the measurement
  • Scrolling display pages
  • Automated Report generation
  • Measurement data evaluation within the IPEmoition analysis part, ...

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