IPEmotion App Release 2.16 – Driver display for data logger systems

Driver display for data logger systems

The latest release of the IPEmotion App provides new display functions for limit value and reference value visualization. The instruments Tachometer, LED, Alphanumerical and Bar graph are now supporting user adjustable limit monitoring.

As soon as the limit value conditions are met, IPEmotion will highlight the instrument using the configured background color. This gives a clear status overview of all signals displayed on the respective page. Moreover, the x-axis scaling for y-t charts can be set to individual values (besides the automatic scaling). To enable maximum screen utilization, a full screen mode have been implemented which is triggered by a double touch gesture.

Modifications in detail:

  • Limit value display for Tachometer instruments
  • Limit value display for LED instruments
  • Limit value display for Bar graph instruments
  • Limit value display for Alphanumerical instruments
  • Limit value display in the numeric table supporting alphanumerical sorting
  • Adaption of IPEmotion App icons to existing icons of the IPEmotion PC GUI

Please find a summary of the main features and modifications in this
PDF document.

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