IPEmotion 2017 – Innovations: Vehicle acoustics, Bus analysis, ...

The new release IPEmotion 2017 R1 focuses on the further development of acoustics and online/offline vehicle bus analysis as well as on the integration of CAETEC hardware.

  • Acoustics module
    + New evaluation functions: root-mean-square value, peak-to-peak, dbB, dbC
    + New analysis operations: overall level, order analysis
    + Audio output via Campbell diagram
  • Bus and traffic analysis
    + Traffic analyzer instrument for online / offline analysis
    + Enhanced filtering functions for specific CAN IDs and CAN ID ranges
    + Acceptance filters for CAN and CAN FD messages
    + Configuration of complex filter ranges using DBC description files
    + FlexRay traffic to signal conversion by Fibex/Autosar description files
  • CAETEC hardware integration
    + Interface device ETH-Gateway-CLFD-Box
    + IPEmotion data acquisition from 16x CAN, 2x FlexRay, 8x LIN, 4x DIO
    + Description file configuration (OBD, DBC, Autosar, A2L, Fibex)
    + Traffic and signal-based measurements
    + Acquisition using data logger ARCOS 1.5
    > 1. with Linux OS for MDF4 data import
    > 2. with Windows OS and IPEmotion PlugIn

Refer to the Release News or video for detailed information on the new functions.

Please feel free to contact our IPEmotion support team for any questions.
Phone +49 7221 9922 333
E-mail support@ipetronik.com

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