IPEmotion 2017 R3

Besides practice-oriented improvements the new release IPEmotion 2017 R3 offers new data acquisition features with the Signals workspace.

Latest innovations:

  • PlugIn interface for analysis operations
    + Insert user-specific evaluations and calculation rules
       in the standard GUI.
  • Extensions in protocol aund traffic measurement
    + Synchronizing signal descriptions from different sources by
       comparing the previous version with the current version
       (based on message ID and channel name).
    + Traffic BLF import format enables an offline evaluation of
       CAN, CAN FD FlexRay and traffic files by use of extended
       filter functions
  • Read and write TEDS sensors
    + One click sensor scaling by reading data from the sensor chip
    + TEDS editor writes calibration data to the sensor chip (interface box required).

Refer to the Release News for details on the new features.

IPEmotion 2017 R3 is available for download here.

Please feel free to contact our IPEmotion support team for any questions.
Phone +49 7221 9922 333
E-mail support@ipetronik.com

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